Pashtu Travel

This is a list of travel in Pashtu. It will come in handy when landing at the airport or answering tourism and business questions.

Airplane: الوتکه

Airport: هوايي مېدان

Bus: بس

Bus station: اډه

Car: موټر

Flight: پرواز

For business: د تجارت لپاره

For pleasure: د چکر لپاره

Hotel: هوټل

Luggage: سامان

Parking: پارکنګ

Passport: پاسپورت

Reservation: ساتنه

Taxi: تاکسي

Ticket: ټکټ

Tourism: سیلان

Train: اورګاډی، ریل

Train station: داورګاډی اډه

To travel: سفر کول

Help Desk: د مرستی شعبه

Now we will use the Pashtu words above in different sentences related to tourism and travel.

Do you accept credit cards?: ایاتاسی دپورکارټ منی؟

How much will it cost?: ددي مصرف به څومره شی؟

I have a reservation: زه دلته منظوری لرم

I'd like to rent a car: غواړم چه موټر په کرایه واخلم

I'm here on business/ on vacation.: دلته تجارت / چکر لپاره راغلی یم

Is this seat taken?: آیا دغه چوکۍ نیول شویده؟

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