School in Pashtu

This is a list of school related words in Pashtu. To help you discuss topics in your classrom with other students. We focused on the main used ones.

Book: كتاب

Books: کتابونه

Pen: قلم

Dictionary: قاموس

Library: كتابتون

Desk: دفتری میز

Student: زده کونکی

Teacher: ښوونکي

Chair: چوکۍ

Paper: کاغذ

Page: پاڼه

Pencil: پنسل

Notebook: کتابچه

Laptop: لپ ټاپ

Question: پوښتنه

Answer: ځواب

School: مکتب

University: درمعلمین

To write: لیکل

To read: لوستل

To speak: خبری کول

To listen: غوږنیول

To think: سوچ کو

To understand: پوهیدل

These are a couple sentences you might need to use in a classroom.

I have a question: یوه پوښتنه لرم

What's the name of that book?: د هغه کتاب نوم څه دی؟

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