House in Pashtu

This is a list of house related words in Pashtu. These household objects are important to know because they're found in every part of a home.

Bed: کټ

Bedroom: خوب کوټه / خونه

Carpet: قالینه، غالۍ

Ceiling: چت

Chair: چوکۍ

Computer: کمپیوټر

Desk: دفتری میز

Door: دروازه

Furniture: فرنیچر

House: کور، خونه

Kitchen: پخلنځی

Refrigerator: يخچال

Roof: چت

Room: خونه، کوټه، اطاق

Table: میز

Television: تلویزیون

Toilet: تشناب

Window: كړكۍ

Stove: داښت

Wall: دیوال

The following sentences contain some of the household items above which you might find handy.

I'm watching television: زه تیلویزون ګورم

I need to use the toilet: غواړم چه تشناب ځخه کار واخلم

Can you close the door?: دروازه درسره بنده کوالای شی؟

Can you open the window?: کړکۍ درسره بنده کوالای شی؟

This room is very big: دغه کوټه خو ډیره لویه ده

I need to use the computer: زه باید یو کمپیوټر ځخه کار واخلم

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