Countries in Pashtu

This is a list of some popular countries in Pashtu. It is a nice addition to our other 2 pages: Languages and Nationalities.

Britain: برتانیا

Morocco: مراکش

China: چين

Brazil: برازیل

America: امریکا

France: فرانسه

Germany: المان

Greece: يونان

Israel: ایسرایل

India: هندوستان

Ireland: ایرلنډ

Italy: ايټاليا

Japan: المان

Korea: کوریا

Iran: ایران

Portugal: پورتیګال

Russia: روسیه

Spain: هسپانيا

Sweden: سویدن

Pakistan: پاکستان

Now we will put some of the words above into a sentence which you might use in a regular conversation about nations. All you need is to swap the countries but keep the same sentence structure.

I live in America: زه په امریکاکی اوسیږم

I want to go to Germany: زه غواړم چه جرمنی ته لاړشم

I came from Spain: زه دسپانیی نه راغلی یم

I was born in Italy: زه په اټالیه کی زیږیدلی یم

Japan is a beautiful country: جاپان ډیرخکلی هیواد دی

Have you ever been to India?: هندوستان د لیدلی ده؟

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