Pashtu Adverbs

This is a list of adverbs in Pashtu. This includes adverbs of time, place, manner and frequency. Which sums up most of what you need for daily use.

Now: اوس

Later: وروسته

Tonight: نن شپه

Last night: تیره شپه

This morning: نن سهار

Yesterday: پرون

Today: نن

Tomorrow: سبا

Next week: راتلونکی اوونۍ

Already: ددی ځخه مخکی، هسی هم

Recently: نږدی وخت کښی، اوس

Lately: نږدی وخت کښی، تازه

Soon: ژر

Immediately: سمد لاسه

Still: لا تر اوسه

Yet: تر اوسه

After the above adverbs of time, now we move on to adverbs of place.

Here: دلته

There: هلته

Everywhere: په هر ځای کې

Anywhere: هر ځاى سره

Now adverbs of manners, used to describe how something happens. They are usually placed after the main verb.

Carefully: په احتیاط سره

Alone: يوازې

Very: ډېر، زیات

Really: واقیعا، رښتیا سره

Quickly: په تیزی سره

Slowly: ورو ورو

Almost: تقریبآ

Together: يو ځاي

These are adverbs of frequency, which are used to answer the question "how often?".

Always: تل، همیشه

Sometimes: کله نا کله، ځینی وخت

Rarely: په سخته، په مشکله توګه

Never: هيڅکله نه

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