Pashtu Numbers

This page is about numbers in Pashtu. Including the cardinal (counting) and ordinal (order) numbers. Each of which is used in a different situation.

One: يو

Two: دوه

Three: درې

Four: څلور

Five: پنځه

Six: شپږ

Seven: اووه

Eight: اته

Nine: نهه

Ten: لس

Eleven: يوولس

Twelve: دولس

Thirteen: دیارلس

Fourteen: څوارلس

Fifteen: پنځه لس

Sixteen: شپاړس

Seventeen: اووه لس

Eighteen: اته لس

Nineteen: نولس

Twenty: شل

Thirty three: درودیرش

One hundred: سل

Three hundred and sixty: دری سوه وشپیته

One thousand: زریازرګون

Here are some examples in Pashtu for the cardinal numbers above.

Two thousand and fourteen: دوه زره وڅورلس

One million: یوکړول

I'm thirty years old: زه ددیرشوکالویم

I have 2 sisters and one brother: زه دوی خورګانی ویوورورلرم

Now we move on to the ordinal numbers, which helps us organize things by order or rank.

First: لومړی

Second: دوهم

Third: دریم

Fourth: څلورم

Fifth: پنځم

Sixth: شپږم

Seventh: اووم

Eighth: اتم

Ninth: نهم

Tenth: لسم

Eleventh: ېوولسم

Twelfth: دولسم

Thirteenth: ديارلسم

Fourteenth: څورلسم

Fifteenth: پینځلسم

Sixteenth: شپاړسم

Seventeenth: وولسم

Eighteenth: اتلسم

Nineteenth: نولسم

Twentieth: شلم

And here are a couple sentences related to the ordinal numbers above.

English is my first language: زمااوله ژبه اینګلیسی ده

Her second language is Spanish: ددي دوهمه ژبه هسپانوی ده

Once: يو ځل

Twice: دوه ځله

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