Pashtu Mistakes

This is a list of mistakes in Pashtu. Helpful when trying to learn a new word. Also useful when there is a misunderstanding or confusion.

My French is bad: زه په فرانسوی ښه نه پوهیږم

I need to practice my French: زه ضزورت لرم چه فرانسوی یزده کم

Don't worry!: قکریی مه کوه

Excuse me? : اجازه ده؟

Sorry: بښنه غواړم

No problem!: مشکل نه شته

Can you repeat?: تکرار به یی نکړی؟

Can you speak slowly?: کولای شی چه وروخبری وکی؟

Write it down please!: دلته یی راته ولیکه!

I don't understand!: زه نه پوهیږم

Did you understand what I said?: زما په مطلب پوه شوی؟

What is this?: دا ځه شی ده؟

I don't know!: خبر نه یم

What's that called in French?: هغه ته په فرانسوی څه وایی؟

What does that word mean in English?: هغه لفظ ته په ینګلیسی کی څه وایی؟

How do you say "OK" in French?: فرانسوی کی او کی ته ځه وایی؟

Is that right?: ایاداصحی دی؟

Is that wrong?: ایاداغلط دی؟

What should I say?: زه بایدڅه ووایم؟

What?: څشی؟

These are some words from the above sentences that you might also need to use by themselves.

Mistake: غلط یا یشتیباه

To speak: ویل

Slowly: ورورو

Quickly: ژر

Hopefully the expressions for mistakes in Pashtu can help you clear some misunderstanding and allow you to ask questions. Check out the next topic below or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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