Pashtu Animals

This is a list of animals in Pashtu. You will find common words including domestic pets, farm livestock, wild creatures and even insects.

Bird: مرغه

Cat: پیشو

Cow: غوا

Dog: سپی

Donkey: خر

Eagle: باز

Elephant: فيل

Goat: وزه

Horse: آس

Lion: زمري

Monkey: بیزو، شادو

Mouse: موږک

Rabbit: سوی

Snake: مار

Tiger: پړانگ

Sheep (pl.): پسونه یاګډان

Spider: غڼه

Insect: خزنده

Mosquito: منګس، غوماشه

Butterfly: شوپرک

Bear: یږه

Animal: څاریو یاحیوان

Farm: زرعتی پټۍ

Forest: ځنګل

The following sentences might come in handy in a conversation when socializing or in a pet store.

I have a dog: زه سپی لرم

She likes cats: ددي پیشوګانی خوښی دي

Tigers are fast: پړانګان تیز دي

Monkeys are funny: بیزوګانی مسخره دي

Do you have any animals?: ته کم څاریولری؟

Do you sell dog food?: ته دسپی ټیکله پلوری؟

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