Pashtu Places

This is a list of places in Pashtu. Helpful vocabulary when discussing buildings you would like to go to, or pointing out natural landscapes.

Bank: بانک

Hospital: روغتون

Desert: سهرا

Earth: ځمكه

Forest: ځنگل

Garden: بڼ باغ

Island: ټاپو

River: سيند

Lake: جهيل

Sea: بحر

Sky: اسمان

Sun: لمر

Moon: سپوږمۍ

Stars: ستوری

Mountain: غر

Beach: سمندر غاړ

These are some expressions showing how you can use the above words in a complete sentence, after including adjectives and personal pronouns.

I can see the stars: زه ستوری وینم

I want to go to the beach: زه غواړم چه دسمندرغاړی ته ولاړ شم

This is a beautiful garden: داباغ ښایسته دی

The moon is full tonight: نن شپه سپوږمی پوره میاشتی ده

We hope that the above words and expressions of places in Pashtu have been helpful. For more lessons click the "Next" button, or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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