Pashtu Questions

This page provides information about the questions in Pashtu, also called the interrogative form. This will enable you to ask people about different topics.

How?: څنګه؟

What?: څه؟

Who?: څوک؟

Why?: ولې؟

Where?: چیرته؟

When?: کله؟

These are sentences which include the above tools to ask questions. Asking questions is a very good way to learn a language or start a conversation.

What is this called?: دغه ته ځه وایی؟

Why is it expensive?: ولی قیمته دی؟

How would you like to pay?: ټه څنګه خوښوی چه پیسی راکی؟

Can I come?: کولای شم چه راشم؟

Do you know her?: ایاته داپیژنی؟

How difficult is it?: څنګه مشکل دی؟

Can I help you?: ستاسره مرسته کولای شم؟

Can you help me?: ته له ماسره مرسته کولای شی؟

Do you speak English?: ایاته په ینګلیسی خبری کوی؟

How far is this?: څومره لیری دی؟

What time is it?: څوبجی دي ؟

How much is this?: دغه په څه بیه دی؟

What is your name?: ستانوم څه دی؟

Where do you live?: ته چیری اوسیږی؟

When can we meet?: کله موږکولای شوچه سره ملاقات وکو؟

Who is knocking at the door?: وارڅوک ټکوی؟

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