Pashtu Colors

This is a list of colors in Pashtu. This will help you find ways to describe the colors of clothes, objects and much more.

Black: تور
Blue: (اسمانی شین (شین
asmani sheen (sheen)
Brown: خړ)نسواري)
Gray: خاكي
Green: شين
Orange: نا رنجې
Red: سور
White: سپين
Yellow: زيړ
Dark color: پیکه تور
Peeka tor
Light color: پیکه سپین
Peeka speen
Colors: رنګونه

These examples show how colors are used in Pashtu. This is a good way to demonstrate how adjectives (colors) are used with nouns and verbs.

The sky is blue: اسمان شین دی
Asmaan sheen dai
Your cat is white: ستا پيشو سپينه ده
Sta pisho speena da
Black is his favorite color: د هغه تور رنګ خوښږی
Da hagha tor rung khwa khi gi
Red is not his favorite color: سور د هغه خوښ رنګ نه دے
Soor da hagha khwakh rung nada
She drives a yellow car: هغه زيړ موټر چلوى
Haghaa zer motor chala wee
I have black hair: زما ويښته تور دى
zma wikhta tor di

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