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These are expressions used in restaurants in Pashtu. Very useful when ordering from a menu in combination with our Pashtu Food list.

Where is there a good restaurant?: دغلته ښه راستورانت چیرته ده؟

I'm vegetarian: زه یوازی سابه خورم

What's the name of this dish?: ددغه خواړو نوم ځه ده؟

Waiter / waitress!: میلمه پالونکی

May we have the check please?: آیا موږ د مصارفو بل کتلای شو؟

It is very delicious!: دا خو ډیر خوندور دی

What do you recommend?: ځه باید اوخورو؟

The bill please!: د مصارفو پرچه

The following items can be found in restaurants as well as kitchens. Which means it would be useful to memorize them.

Spicy: مسا له دار

Sweet: خوږ، خوږه

Salty: مالگين

Plate: مشقاب، پلیټ

Fork: کاشوغ پنجه

Knife: چاړه، چاقو

Spoon: قاشوغه

Table: میز، دسترخوان

Menu: د غذا لست

Food: خواړه، غذا

Dessert: هغه خواږه شیان چه د ډوډۍ ځځه وروسته خوړل کیږی لکه فرونی، مربع

Water: اوبه

A cup of: یوپیاله

A glass of: یوګیلاس

Salad: سلاته

Soup: سوپ

Bread: ډوډۍ

Black pepper: تور مرچ

Salt: مالګه

Tip: بخشیشی

Napkin: دسمال

Hopefully these expressions of restaurant in Pashtu can help you order off the menu or ask waiters items you might need. Check our menu above to select another topic or click the "Next" button to view the next lesson.

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