Pashtu Jobs

This is a list of jobs in Pashtu. This will help you describe what you do for a living. It is especially useful when introducing yourself.

Doctor: ډاکټر

Policeman: پوليس

Teacher: ښوونکی، استاذ

Businessman: سوداگر

Student: زده کونکی

Singer: سندرغاړی

Engineer: انجنیر

Artist: فنکار

Actor: لوبغاړی

Actress: لوبغاړې

Nurse: نرسه

Translator: ژباړونکی، ترجمان

These examples will help you answer the question "What do you do?" or "What do you do for a living?". Note how the personal pronouns are used with the nouns in this sentence.

I'm looking for a job: زه د کار په لټه کی یم

I'm an artist: زه یو فنکار یم.

He is a policeman: هغه پولیس ده

She is a singer: هغه یوه سندرغاړې ده.

I'm a new employee: زه یو نوې کارکوونکی یم.

I have a long experience: زه کافی تجربه لرم

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