Pashtu Imperative

Here are examples for the imperative in Pashtu. This includes expressions of making requests, giving orders or simply asking someone to do something.

Go!: ځه

Stop!: ودریږه

Don't Go!: مځه

Stay!: پاته شه

Leave!: ولاړ شه

Come here!: دلته راشه

Go there!: هلته ولاړشه

Enter (the room)!: راننوځه

Speak!: خبری وکه

Be quiet!: چپ شه

Turn right: ښی وګرځه

Turn left: چپ وګرځه

Go straight: سیده ځه

Wait!: انتظار

Let's go!: راځه چه ځو

Be careful!: مخطاط اوسه

Sit down!: کینه یاکښنه

Let me show you!: اجازه راکه چه درښکاره یی کم

Listen!: غوږونیسه

Write it down!: و یې لیکه

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