Pashtu Adjectives

This is a list of adjectives in Pashtu. This can enable you describe different sizes and a variety of qualities such as (easy, difficult...).

Big: لوی، ستر، غټ

Small: وړوکۍ، کوچنی

Long: اوږد

Short: لنډ

Tall: جیګ، اوږد

Thick: ډبل، پنډ

Thin: نری

Wide: پلن، پراخ

This table provides a list of adjectives of quality shown below. These are some of the most used adjectives in Pashtu.

Bad: بد

Good: ښه

Easy: اسان

Difficult: مشکل، سخت، ګران

Expensive: زیات قیمتی

Cheap: ارزانه

Fast: تیز، ګړندۍ

Slow: ورو، ارام، سست

Old: زوړ

Old: روړ

Young: ځوان

New: نوي

Heavy: دروند

Light: روښان

Empty: خالی، تش

Full: ډک، موړ

Right: صحی، درست، سم

Wrong: غلط

Strong: قوی، زورور،

Weak: کمزورۍ

These samples show how adjectives are used in Pashtu. Used in these examples with nouns, prepositions and pronouns.

Is this a new or old book?: دغه نوی او که زوړ کتاب دی؟

Is the test easy or difficult?: امتخان اسان او که مشکل وو؟

Am I right or wrong?: ایازه صحی یم اوکه غلط؟

This is very expensive: دغه ډیر قیمته دی

Is he younger or older than you?: هغه تاسو ځخه مشر او که کشر دی؟

Is she tall?: آیا هغی قد جګ ده؟

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