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These are expressions used in restaurants in Albanian. Very useful when ordering from a menu in combination with our Albanian Food list.

Where is there a good restaurant?: Ku mund te gjejme nje restorant te mire?
I'm vegetarian: Jam vegjetarian / e
What's the name of this dish?: Si quhet kjo gjella
Waiter / waitress!: Kamarier / e
May we have the check please?: A mund te na jepni featuren, ju lutem
It is very delicious!: Eshte shume e shijshme.
What do you recommend?: Cfare rekomandoni per te ngrene?
The bill please!: Faturen, ju lutem

The following items can be found in restaurants as well as kitchens. Which means it would be useful to memorize them.

Spicy: djegës (masc.) / djegëse (fem.)
Sweet: i / e ëmbël
Salty: i / e kripur
Plate: pjatë
Fork: pirun
Knife: thikë
Spoon: lugë
Table: tryezë
Menu: Menu
Food: ushqim
Dessert: ëmbëlsirë
Water: Uje
A cup of: Nje filxhan me...
A glass of: Nje gote me...
Salad: sallatë
Soup: supë
Bread: bukë
Black pepper: Piper I zi
Salt: kripë
Tip: Bakshish
Napkin: Picete

Hopefully these expressions of restaurant in Albanian can help you order off the menu or ask waiters items you might need. Check our menu above to select another topic or click the "Next" button to view the next lesson.

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