Albanian Jobs

This is a list of jobs in Albanian. This will help you describe what you do for a living. It is especially useful when introducing yourself.

Doctor: Mjek -u / -e
Policeman: Polic-i
Teacher: Mësues-i / -e
Businessman: Tregtar-i
Student: Student-i Student-e / -ja
Singer: Këngëtar-i Këngëtar-e / -ja
Engineer: Inxhinier-i; Inxhinier-e / -ja
Artist: Artist-e
Actor: Aktor
Actress: Aktore
Nurse: Infermier-i Infermier-e / -ja
Translator: Përkthyes-e

These examples will help you answer the question "What do you do?" or "What do you do for a living?". Note how the personal pronouns are used with the nouns in this sentence.

I'm looking for a job: Jam duke kërkuar punë. / Po kërkoj punë.
I'm an artist: Jam artist.
He is a policeman: Ai është polic.
She is a singer: Ajo është këngëtare.
I'm a new employee: Jam punonjës / e i / e ri / re.
I have a long experience: Unë kam një përvojë të gjatë

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