Albanian Food

This is a list of food in Albanian. This can be very useful when going to the supermarket to buy groceries or simply when asking for breakfast.

Milk: qumësht
Butter: gjalpë
Cheese: djathë
Bread: bukë
Meal: vakt
Breakfast: mëngjes
Lunch: drekë
Dinner: darkë
Salad: sallatë
Sugar: sheqer
Salt: kripë
Orange juice: Leng portokalli
Soda: Pike me gaz
Coffee: kafe
Tea: Caj
Fish: peshk
Meat: mish
Chicken: pulë
Pizza: Pice
Eggs: Veze
Sandwich: sanduiç
Ice cream: akullore
Water: Uje
Food: ushqim

These samples show how food items can be incorporated into a sentence in Albanian. You will also be able to express your feelings of hunger or thirst.

I'm hungry: Jam I / e uritur
Are you thirsty?: A ke etje?
Do you have a bottle of water?: A keni nje shishe uje?
Breakfast is ready: Mengjesi eshte gati.
What kind of food do you like?: Cfare ju pelqen per te ngrene?
I like cheese: Me pelqen djathi.

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