Albanian Clothes

This is a list of clothes in Albanian. This can enable you to describe what you are wearing or what dress you would like to purchase from a store.

Coat: Pallto-ja
Dress: Fustan-i
Hat: Kapel-e / -ja
Jacket: Xhaket-ë / -a
Pants: Pantallona-t
Shirt: Këmish-ë / -a
Shoes: Këpucë-t
Socks: çorape-t e / të shkurtra
Underwear: Të brendshme-t / mbathje-t
Sweater: triko
Suit: Kostum
Tie: Kollare
Belt: rrip
Gloves: Doreza
Umbrella: Cader
Wallet: Kulete
Watch: Ore dore
Glasses: Syze
Ring: Unaze / rreth
Clothes: rroba

Now we will see some of the expressions used above in a sentence. They could be used when trying new clothes or when complementing others.

These shoes are small: Keto kepuce Jane te vogla
These pants are long: Keto pantallona Jane te gjata.
I lost my socks: Kam humbur corapet.
She has a beautiful ring: Ajo ka nje unaze shume te bukur.
Do you like my dress?: A te pelqen fustani im?
It looks good on you: Duket bukur tek Ty.

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