Somali Clothes

This is a list of clothes in Somali. This can enable you to describe what you are wearing or what dress you would like to purchase from a store.

Coat: koodh
Dress: Canbuur (Toob)
Hat: Koofiyad
Jacket: Jaakad
Pants: Surweel(nigisyo)
Shirt: Shaar
Shoes: Kabo
Socks: Sharabaadyo (iskaalsooyin)
Underwear: hoos gashi
Sweater: funaanad
Suit: Suut (jaakad iyo surweel isku eg)
Tie: Taay
Belt: suun
Gloves: Gacmo gashi (galoofyo)
Umbrella: Dalad
Wallet: Boorso yar
Watch: Saacad
Glasses: Ookiyaale
Ring: Faraanti
Clothes: Dhar

Now we will see some of the expressions used above in a sentence. They could be used when trying new clothes or when complementing others.

These shoes are small: Kabahaani way yar yihiin
These pants are long: Surweeladaan aad bay u dhaadheer yihiin
I lost my socks: Iskaalsaheeygii baa iga dhumay
She has a beautiful ring: Faraanti qurux badan beey haysataa
Do you like my dress?: Ma jeceshahay canbuurkeeyga
It looks good on you: Wuu kugu qurxoon yahay

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