Somali Articles

Here are examples of the articles in Somali. This includes the use of (a, the, many, and some). As well as demonstrative adjectives (this, that ...).

The yellow pen is easy to find: Weey fududahay in la helo qalinka jaalahaa
A yellow pen is easy to find: Weey fududahay in qalin jaale ah la helo
A French teacher is here: Halkaan buu joogaa macalinka Af Faransiiska
The French teacher is here: Macalinkii Af Faransiiska halkaan buu joogaa
Some languages are hard: Qaar luuqadaha ka mid ah waa adeeyg
Many languages are easy: Luuqado badan ayaa fudud
The student speaks Korean: Ardeydu waxeey ku hadlaan Af Kuuriyaan
A student speaks Korean: Arday baa Af Kuuriyaan ku hadla
Some students speak Korean: Qaar baa ardayda Af Kuuriyaan ku hadla
Many students speak Korean: Arday badan baa Af Kuuriyaan ku hadasha
This student speaks Korean: Ardeygaanu Af Kuuriyaan buu ku hadlaa
That student speaks Korean: Ardeygaasu Af Kuuriyaan buu ku hadlaa
These students speak Korean: Ardeydaanu Af Kuuriyaan beey ku hadlaan
Those students speak Korean: Ardeydaasu Af Kuuriyaan beey ku hadlaan

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