Somali Pronouns

This is a list of pronouns in Somali. This includes subject, object, and the possessive. These are used on a daily basis, so don't skip this lesson. We start with the object pronouns such as "I, you, her ..."

I: aniga
You: adiga
He: asaga
She: iyada
We: annaga
You (pl.): Idinka
They: iyaga

Here are samples to demonstrate how the object pronoun is used in a sentence.

I love you: Waa ku jeclahay
She is beautiful: Weey qurux badan tahay
We are happy: Waan farax sanahay
They are dancing: Weey ciyaarayaan / qoob ka ciyaar

Now we look into the subject pronoun such as "me, him, us, them ...".

Me: ani
You: adi
Him: asaga
Her: iyada
Us: annaga
You (pl.): Idinka
Them: iyaga

These are examples to demonstrate how the subject pronoun is used in a sentence.

Give me your phone number: Teleefoonkaaga i sii
I can give you my email: iimeelkeyga baan ku siin karaa
Tell him to call me: U sheeg inuu i soo waco
Can you call us?: Ma na soo wici kartaa?

We reach now the possessive adjective part, used to refer to thing we possess. Examples: "my, our, their ...".

My: kayga
Your: kaaga
His: kiisa
Her: keeda
Our: keena
Your (pl.): Idinka
Their: kooda

Here are samples to demonstrate how the possessive adjective is used.

My phone number is . . .: Teleefoonkeeygu waa
His email is . . .: iimeelkiisu waa
Our dream is to visit Spain: Riyadayadu waa inaan booqano Isbeeyn
Their country is beautiful: Wadankoodu wuu qurux badan yahay

This is the possessive pronoun. Used as an alternative to the possessive adjectives above. Instead of saying "It is my dog" you can say "It is mine".

Mine: Waxayga
Yours: Waxaaga
His: Wixiisa
Hers: Waxeeda
Ours: Waxeena
Yours (pl.): Wixiina
Theirs: Waxooda

These are some examples of the possessive pronoun in a sentence.

The book is mine: Buugan anaa iska leh
Is this pen yours?: Qalinkaan ma adiaa iska leh?
The shoes are hers: Kabuhu waa kuweeda
Victory is ours: Anagaa guusha leh

This page contained a lot of useful information about the pronouns in Somali. This included the subject, object, and the possessive forms. Let's move on to the next subject below. Or choose your own topic from the menu above.

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