Somali Animals

This is a list of animals in Somali. You will find common words including domestic pets, farm livestock, wild creatures and even insects.

Bird: Shimbir
Cat: Bisad (yaanyuur, dumad)
Cow: Sac
Dog: ay
Donkey: Dameer
Eagle: Gor gor
Elephant: Maroodi
Goat: Ri'
Horse: Faras
Lion: Libaax
Monkey: Daanyeer
Mouse: Walo sandheer
Rabbit: Dabangaale
Snake: Mas
Tiger: Shabeel
Sheep (pl.): Ido
Spider: Caaro
Insect: Cayayaan
Mosquito: Kaneeco
Butterfly: Balanbaalis
Bear: Dhali (Beer)
Animal: Xayawaan
Farm: Beer
Forest: Kayn

The following sentences might come in handy in a conversation when socializing or in a pet store.

I have a dog: Ay baan leeyahay
She likes cats: Bisadaha ayay jeceshahay
Tigers are fast: Shabeeladu aad bay u dheereeyaan
Monkeys are funny: Daanyeerku waa qosol miidhan
Do you have any animals?: Wax xayawaan ah ma leedahay?
Do you sell dog food?: Cunto Ay ma gadaa?

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