Somali Past

This is a list of verbs in the past tense in Somali. First let's start with the raw format before conjugating the verbs to the past form. Make sure to compare this table and the one below it.

To see: In la arko
To write: In la qoro
To love: In la jeclaado
To give: In la bixiyo
To play: In la ciyaaro
To read: In la akhriyo
To understand: In la fahmo
To have: In la yeesho / la haysto
To know: In la yaqaano
To learn: In la barto
To think: In laga fakaro
To work: In la shaqeeyo
To speak: In la hadlo
To drive: In la kaxeeyo
To smile: In la dhoole cadeeyo
To find: In la helo

These samples show how the verbs above are conjugated in the past tense in a sentence which includes all the object pronouns (I, you, she...).

I saw you: Waan ku arkey
I wrote with a pen: Waxaan ku qoray qalin
You loved apples: Waxaad jeclaatey tufaaxa
You gave money: Lacag baad bixisey
You played tennis: Teenis baad cayaartay
He read (past) a book: Buug buu akhriyey
He understood me: Wuu i fahmey
She had a cat: Mukulaal / bisad beey lahayd
She knew my friend: Waxeey taqaaney saaxiibkeey / saaxiibadeey
We wanted to learn: Waxaan rabnay inaan wax barano
We thought Spanish is easy: Waxaan u maleyney inuu af Isbaanish fudud yahay
You (plural) worked here: Ma halkaan baad ka shaqeeyseen
You (plural) spoke French: Ma af Faransiis baad ku hadashay
They drove a car: Gaari beey wateen
They smiled: Weey dhoola cadeeyeen

After the past tense in Somali, make sure to check the other tenses (present, and future), which we hope you enjoyed. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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