Filipino Weather

This is a list of words about the weather in Filipino. That way you can describe what kind of weather and temperature it is where you live.

Cloudy: maulap
Cold: malamig
Foggy: mahamog
Humid: mahalumigmig
Hot: mainit
Warm: mainit
Rain: ulan
Rainy: maulan
Snow: isno
Snowing: nag-iisno
Sun: araw
Sunny: maaraw
Wind: hangin
Windy: mahangin
Spring: tagsibol
Summer: tag-init
Autumn: taglagas
Winter: taglamig
Umbrella: payong
Storm: bagyo

These examples put some of the above words about weather in a sentence to show you how those expressions can be used.

Today is nice weather: maganda ang panahon ngayon
Yesterday was bad weather: masama ang panahon kahapon
It is raining: umuulan
It is sunny: maaraw
It is windy: mahangin
It is cold: malamig

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