Filipino Questions

This page provides information about the questions in Filipino, also called the interrogative form. This will enable you to ask people about different topics.

How?: paano?
What?: ano?
Who?: sino?
Why?: bakit?
Where?: saan?
When?: kailan?

These are sentences which include the above tools to ask questions. Asking questions is a very good way to learn a language or start a conversation.

What is this called?: anong tawag dito
Why is it expensive?: bakit mahal?
How would you like to pay?: paano kayo magbabayad?
Can I come?: puwede ba akong sumama?
Do you know her?: kilala mo ba siya?
How difficult is it?: gaano kahirap?
Can I help you?: anong maitutulong ko sa iyo?
Can you help me?: matutulungan mo ba ako?
Do you speak English?: marunong ka bang mag-ingles?
How far is this?: gaano kalayo ito?
What time is it?: anong oras na?
How much is this?: magkano ito?
What is your name?: anong pangalan mo?
Where do you live?: saan ka nakatira?
When can we meet?: kalian tayo puwedeng magkita?
Who is knocking at the door?: sinong kumakatok sa pinto?

Now that you have explored questions in Filipino in the interrogative form, let's move on to the next subject below. Or simply choose your own topic from the menu above.

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