Languages in Filipino

This is a list of some common languages in Filipino. This lesson is complementary to our other 2 pages: Nationality and Countries.

English: ingles
Arabic: arabik
Chinese: intsik
Brazilian: portuges (sa Brazil)
French: pranses
German: aleman
Greek: griyego
Hebrew: Hebrew
Hindi: hindi
Irish: Irish; Irlandes=Spanish cognate=formal
Italian: italyano
Japanese: hapones
Korean: Koreano
Latin: Latin
Persian: farsi
Portuguese: portuges
Russian: ruso
Spanish: espanyol;kastila
Swedish: swedish
Urdu: Urdu

Now we will put some of the words above into a sentence which you might use in a regular conversation. All you need is to swap languages but keep the same sentence structure.

I speak Italian: marunong akong mag-Italyano
I want to learn Spanish: gusto kong matutong magsalita ng Kastila / espanyol
My mother tongue is German: Aleman ang wika ko
I love the Japanese language: gustong-gusto ko ang salitang Hapones
I don't speak Korean: hindi ako marunong mag-koreyano; hindi ako marunong magsalita ng Koreyano
Spanish is easy to learn: medaling matutuhan ang Kastila / Espanyol

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