Languages in Malay

This is a list of some common languages in Malay. This lesson is complementary to our other 2 pages: Nationality and Countries.

English: Bahasa Inggeris
Arabic: Bahasa Arab
Chinese: Bahasa Cina
Brazilian: Bahasa Brazil
French: Bahasa Perancis
German: Bahasa Jerman
Greek: Bahasa Greek
Hebrew: Bahasa Ibrani
Hindi: Bahasa India
Irish: Bahasa Inggeris (Orang Ireland)
Italian: Bahasa Itali
Japanese: Bahasa Jepun
Korean: Bahasa Korea
Latin: Bahasa Latin
Persian: Bahasa Parsi
Portuguese: Bahasa Portugis
Russian: Bahasa Rusia
Spanish: Bahasa Sepanyol
Swedish: Bahasa Sweden
Urdu: Bahasa Urdu

Now we will put some of the words above into a sentence which you might use in a regular conversation. All you need is to swap languages but keep the same sentence structure.

I speak Italian: Saya boleh berbahasa Itali
I want to learn Spanish: Saya ingin belajar bahasa Sepanyol
My mother tongue is German: Bahasa ibunda saya adalah bahasa Jerman
I love the Japanese language: Saya menyukai bahasa Jepun
I don't speak Korean: Saya tidak pandai berbahasa Korea
Spanish is easy to learn: Bahasa Sepanyol senang dipelajari

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