Malay Clothes

This is a list of clothes in Malay. This can enable you to describe what you are wearing or what dress you would like to purchase from a store.

Coat: Kot
Dress: baju
Hat: Topi
Jacket: Jaket
Pants: Seluar
Shirt: Kemeja
Shoes: Kasut
Socks: Stokin
Underwear: Pakaian dalam
Sweater: Baju panas
Suit: Sut
Tie: Tali leher
Belt: Tali pinggang
Gloves: Sarung tangan
Umbrella: Payung
Wallet: Dompet
Watch: Jam tangan
Glasses: Cermin mata
Ring: Cincin
Clothes: Pakaian

Now we will see some of the expressions used above in a sentence. They could be used when trying new clothes or when complementing others.

These shoes are small: Kasut-kasut ini kecil
These pants are long: Seluar ini panjang
I lost my socks: Saya hilang stokin saya
She has a beautiful ring: Dia mempunyai cincin yang cantik
Do you like my dress?: Kamu suka baju saya?
It looks good on you: Nampak cantik kamu pakai

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