Malay Survival

This is a list of survival in Malay. Helpful in an emergency and can be a life saver. We are including both words and sentences at the bottom.

Headache: Sakit kepala
Stomach ache: Sakit perut
Medicines: Ubat-ubatan
Pharmacy: Farmasi
Doctor: Doktor
Ambulance: Ambulans
Hospital: Hospital
Help me: Tolong saya
Poison: Racun
Accident: Kemalangan
Police: Polis
Danger: Bahaya
Stroke: Strok
Heart attack: Serangan sakit Jantung
Asthma: Asma
Allergy: Alergi

These phrases deal with different types of emergencies. We recommend memorizing them in case you need them for yourself or to help someone.

Call the police!: Panggilkan polis segera!
Call a doctor!: Dapatkan doktor segera!
Call the ambulance!: Panggil ambulans!
I feel sick: Saya berasa tidak sihat
Where is the closest pharmacy?: Di manakah farmasi terdekat?
It hurts here: Saya berasa sakit di tempat ini
Are you okay?: Bagaimana keadaan anda?
It's urgent!: Ianya penting!
Calm down!: Harap bertenang!
Stop!: Berhenti!
Fire!: Api!
Thief!: Pencuri!

The above survival words in Malay could be a life saver in emergencies. Now make sure you check out the next topic below or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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