Malay Mistakes

This is a list of mistakes in Malay. Helpful when trying to learn a new word. Also useful when there is a misunderstanding or confusion.

My French is bad: Bahasa Perancis saya tidak bagus
I need to practice my French: Saya perlu berlatih bahasa Perancis
Don't worry!: Jangan risau
Excuse me? : Harap maaf, bolehkah diulang?
Sorry: Minta maaf
No problem!: Tiada masalah!
Can you repeat?: Bolehkah anda ulang?
Can you speak slowly?: Boleh cakap perlahan sikit?
Write it down please!: Tolong tuliskan!
I don't understand!: Saya tidak faham
Did you understand what I said?: Adakah anda faham apa yang saya katakan?
What is this?: Apakah ini?
I don't know!: Saya tidak tahu!
What's that called in French?: Apakah namanya dalam bahasa Perancis?
What does that word mean in English?: Apa makna perkataan itu dalam bahasa Inggeris?
How do you say "OK" in French?: Macam mana nak kata 'OK' dalam bahasa Perancis?
Is that right?: Adakah ianya betul?
Is that wrong?: Salah ke tu?
What should I say?: Apa yang harus saya katakan?
What?: Apa?

These are some words from the above sentences that you might also need to use by themselves.

Mistake: Kesalahan
To speak: Untuk bercakap
Slowly: Secara perlahan-lahan
Quickly: Secara pantas

Hopefully the expressions for mistakes in Malay can help you clear some misunderstanding and allow you to ask questions. Check out the next topic below or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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