Latvian Numbers

This page is about numbers in Latvian. Including the cardinal (counting) and ordinal (order) numbers. Each of which is used in a different situation.

One: viens
Two: divi
Three: trīs
Four: četri
Five: pieci
Six: seši
Seven: septiņi
Eight: astoņi
Nine: deviņi
Ten: desmit
Eleven: vienpadsmit
Twelve: divpadsmit
Thirteen: trīspadsmit
Fourteen: četrpadsmit
Fifteen: piecpadsmit
Sixteen: sešpadsmit
Seventeen: septiņpadsmit
Eighteen: astoņpadsmit
Nineteen: deviņpadsmit
Twenty: divdesmit
Thirty three: trīsdesmit trīs
One hundred: viens simts
Three hundred and sixty: trīs simti sešdesmit
One thousand: viens tūkstotis

Here are some examples in Latvian for the cardinal numbers above.

Two thousand and fourteen: divi tūkstoši četrpadsmit
One million: viens miljons
I'm thirty years old: Man ir trīsdesmit gadu
I have 2 sisters and one brother: Man ir 2 māsas un viens brālis

Now we move on to the ordinal numbers, which helps us organize things by order or rank.

First: pirmais
Second: otrais
Third: trešais
Fourth: ceturtais
Fifth: piektais
Sixth: sestais
Seventh: septītais
Eighth: astotais
Ninth: devītais
Tenth: desmitais
Eleventh: vienpadsmitais
Twelfth: divpadsmitais
Thirteenth: trīspadsmitais
Fourteenth: četrpadsmitais
Fifteenth: piecpadsmitais
Sixteenth: sešpadsmitais
Seventeenth: septiņpadsmitais
Eighteenth: astoņpadsmitais
Nineteenth: deviņpadsmitais
Twentieth: divdesmitais

And here are a couple sentences related to the ordinal numbers above.

English is my first language: Angļu valoda ir mana dzimtā valoda
Her second language is Spanish: Viņas otrā valoda ir spāņu
Once: vienreiz
Twice: divreiz

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