Latvian Comaprative

In this page we will explore the comaprative in Latvian. This includes the superlative form as well. Very useful when comparing two things or more.

As . . . as: tikpat... cik
Taller: garāks
Shorter: īsāks
Younger: jaunāks
Older: vecāks
As tall as : tikpat garš kā
Taller than: garāks nekā
Shorter than: īsāks nekā
More beautiful: skaistāks nekā
Less beautiful: neglītāks
Most beautiful: visskaistākais
Happy: laimīgs
Happier: laimīgāks
Happiest: vislaimīgākais
You are happy: Tu esi laimīgs
You are as happy as Maya: Tu esi tikpat laimīgs kā Maja
You are happier than Maya: Tu esi laimīgāks nekā Maja
You are the happiest: Tu esi vislaimīgākais
Good: labs
Better: labāks
Best: vislabākais
Bad: slikts
Worse: sliktāks
Worst: vissliktākais

With the above examples you can compare, or create superlative (superiority), sentences with no problems. Let's move on to the next subject below. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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