Latvian Directions

These are expressions used when giving or getting directions in Latvian. Very useful when trying to find your way around or when lost.

Excuse me! (to ask someone): Atvainojiet!
Can you show me?: Vai jūs varat man parādīt?
I'm lost: Es esmu apmaldījies
I'm not from here: Es neesmu vietējais
Can I help you?: Kā es varu palīdzēt?
Can you help me?: Vai jūs varat man palīdzēt?
It's near here: Tas ir tepat
It's far from here: Tas ir tālu
Go straight: Ejiet taisni
Turn left: Griezieties pa kreisi
Turn right: Griezieties pa labi
One moment please!: Vienu mirklīti, lūdzu
Come with me!: Nāciet man līdzi!
How can I get to the museum? : Kā es varu nokļūt uz muzeju?
How long does it take to get there?: Cik ilgā laikā tur var nokļūt?
Downtown (city center): Pilsētas centrs

The following are words which might be used alone or in combination with other words to ask or give directions.

Near: tuvu
Far: tālu
Right: pa labi
Left: pa kreisi
Straight: taisni
There: tur
Here: šeit
To walk: staigāt
To drive: vadīt auto
To turn: griezties
Traffic light: luksofori

We hope you will not need to ask for directions in Latvian. If you do need help then the above sentences are essential. Check our menu above to select another topic or click the "Next" button to view the next lesson.

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