Japanese Comaprative

In this page we will explore the comaprative in Japanese. This includes the superlative form as well. Very useful when comparing two things or more.

As . . . as: くらい
Taller: より高い
yori takai
Shorter: より低い
yori hikui
Younger: より若い
yori wakai
Older: より年をとった
yori toshi o totta
As tall as : くらい高い
kurai takai
Taller than: より高い
yori takai
Shorter than: より低い
yori hikui
More beautiful: より美しい
yori utsukushii
Less beautiful: より美しくはない
yori utsukusiku wa nai
Most beautiful: 最も美しい
mottomo utsukusii
Happy: 幸せ
Happier: より幸せ
yori shiawase
Happiest: 最も幸せ
mottomo shiawase
You are happy: あなたは幸せです。
Anata wa siawase desu.
You are as happy as Maya: あなたはマヤと同じくらい幸せです。
Anata wa Maya to onaji kurai siawase desu.
You are happier than Maya: あなたはマヤより幸せです。
anata wa Maya yori siawase desu.
You are the happiest: あなたは最も幸せです。
Anata wa mottomo siawase desu.
Good: 良い
Better: より良い
yori yoi
Best: 最も良い
mottomo yoi
Bad: 悪い
Worse: より悪い
yori warui
Worst: 最も悪い
mottomo warui

With the above examples you can compare, or create superlative (superiority), sentences with no problems. Let's move on to the next subject below. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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