Finnish Fruits & Vegetables

This is a list of fruits and vegetables in Finnish. Knowing these plants can be helpful when shopping in a grocery store or even restaurant.

Lemons: sitruunoita
Apples: omenoita
Oranges: appelsiineja
Peaches: Persikoita
Figs: Viikunoita
Pears: Päärynoitä
Pineapples: Ananaksia
Grapes: Rypäleitä
Strawberries: Mansikoita
Bananas: banaaneja
Watermelon: Vesimeloneja
Avocados: Avokadoja

Now here is the list of some commonly used vegetables:

Carrots : porkkanoita
Corn: Maissia
Cucumbers: Kurkkuja
Garlic: Valkosipulia
Lettuce: Salaattia
Olives: Oliiveja
Onions: sipuleita
Peppers: Pippureita
Potatoes: perunoita
Pumpkin: Kurpitsoja
Beans: Papuja
Tomatoes: tomaatteja

The following sentences include some fruits and vegetables mentioned above to show you how you can use them in your daily conversation.

This fruit is delicious: Tämä hedelmä on herkullinen
Vegetables are healthy: Vihannekset ovat terveellisiä
I like bananas: Pidän banaaneista
I don't like cucumber: En pidä kurkusta
Bananas taste sweet: Banaanit maistuvat makealle
Lemons taste sour: Sitruunat maistuvat happamille

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