Croatian Numbers

This page is about numbers in Croatian. Including the cardinal (counting) and ordinal (order) numbers. Each of which is used in a different situation.

One: jedan
Two: dva
Three: tri
Four: četiri
Five: pet
Six: šest
Seven: sedam
Eight: osam
Nine: devet
Ten: deset
Eleven: jedanaest
Twelve: dvanaest
Thirteen: trinaest
Fourteen: četrnaest
Fifteen: petnaest
Sixteen: šesnaest
Seventeen: sedamnaest
Eighteen: osamnaest
Nineteen: devetnaest
Twenty: dvadeset
Thirty three: trideset tri
One hundred: stotinu
Three hundred and sixty: tristo šezdeset
One thousand: tisuću

Here are some examples in Croatian for the cardinal numbers above.

Two thousand and fourteen: dvije tisuće četrnaest
One million: milijun
I'm thirty years old: Imam trideset tri godina
I have 2 sisters and one brother: Imam 2 sestre i brata

Now we move on to the ordinal numbers, which helps us organize things by order or rank.

First: prvi
Second: drugi
Third: treći
Fourth: četvrti
Fifth: peti
Sixth: šesti
Seventh: sedmi
Eighth: osmi
Ninth: deveti
Tenth: deseti
Eleventh: jedanaesti
Twelfth: dvanesti
Thirteenth: trinaesti
Fourteenth: četrnaesti
Fifteenth: petnaesti
Sixteenth: šesnaesti
Seventeenth: sedamnaesti
Eighteenth: osamnaesti
Nineteenth: devetnaesti
Twentieth: dvadeseti

And here are a couple sentences related to the ordinal numbers above.

English is my first language: Engleski mi je prvi jezik
Her second language is Spanish: Njezin drugi jezik je španjolski
Once: jednom
Twice: dvaput

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