Nationality in Croatian

This is a list of some common nationalities in Croatian. It is a nice addition to our other 2 pages: Languages and Countries.

British: Britanac
Moroccan: Marokanac
Chinese: Kinez
Brazilian: Brazilac
American: Amerikanac
French: Francuz
German: Nijemac
Greek: Grk
Israeli: Izraelac
Indian: Indijac
Irish: Irac
Italian: Talijan
Japanese: Japanac
Korean: Koreanac
Iranian: Iranac
Portuguese: Portugalac
Russian: Rus
Spanish: Španjolac
Swedish: Šveđanin
Pakistani: Pakistanac

Now we will put some of the words above into a sentence which you might use in a regular conversation about citizenship. All you need is to swap the nationality but keep the same sentence structure.

I'm Italian: Ja sam Talijan
My wife is Korean: Moja supruga je Korejka
My father is Greek: Moj otac je Grk
I have an American car: Imam američki auto
I love French cheese: volim francuski sir
He has a Moroccan rug: on ima marokanski sag

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