Basque Adjectives

This is a list of adjectives in Basque. This can enable you describe different sizes and a variety of qualities such as (easy, difficult...).

Big: handia
Small: txikia
Long: luzea
Short: labura
Tall: altua, garaia
Thick: lodia
Thin: mehea
Wide: zabala

This table provides a list of adjectives of quality shown below. These are some of the most used adjectives in Basque.

Bad: txarra
Good: ona
Easy: erraza
Difficult: zaila
Expensive: garestia
Cheap: Merkea.
Fast: azkarra
Slow: motela
Old: Zaharra / Nagusia.
Old: Zaharra.
Young: gaztea
New: berria
Heavy: astuna, pisutsua
Light: Arina.
Empty: hutsa
Full: osoa
Right: zuzena
Wrong: okerra
Strong: indartsua
Weak: ahula

These samples show how adjectives are used in Basque. Used in these examples with nouns, prepositions and pronouns.

Is this a new or old book?: Liburu hau zaharra edo berria da?
Is the test easy or difficult?: Azterketa hau erraza edo zaila da?
Am I right or wrong?: Zuzen edo oker nago?
This is very expensive: Oso garestia da.
Is he younger or older than you?: Bera zu baino nagusiagoa edo gazteagoa da?
Is she tall?: Altua da bera?

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