Welsh Family

This is a list of words about family in Welsh. You can name people such as your relatives as well as extended family this way.

Daughter: merch
Son: mab
Sister: chwaer
Brother: brawd
Baby: baban / babi
Child (m): bachgen
Child (f): merch
Father: tad
Mother: mam
Husband: gŵr
Wife: gwraig
Cousin (m): cefnder
Cousin (f): cefnither
Aunt: modryb
Uncle: ewythr
Grandfather: tad-cu (south) / Taid (north)
Grandmother: mam-gu (south) / Nain (north)
Nephew: nai
Niece: nith
Man: dyn
Woman: menyw
Boy: bachgen
Girl: merch
People: pobl

These examples show how family words are used in a Welsh sentence. Very useful when socializing with other people. This can also show you how to ask questions.

What's your brother called?: Beth ydy enw dy frawd? Beth ydy enw eich brawd?
How old is your sister?: Faint ydy oed dy chwaer di? Faint ydy oed eich chwaer chi?
Where does your father work?: Ble mae dy dad yn gweithio? Ble mae'ch tad yn gweithio?
Your daughter is very cute: Mae dy ferch di'n giwt iawn. Mae eich merch chi'n giwt iawn.
I love my husband: Rwy'n caru fy ngŵr.
This is my wife: Dyma fy ngwraig.

With the above list you will be able to discuss how many siblings you have or ask others about their family. Now let's go to the next topic by clicking the "Next" button. Or simply choose your own topic from the menu above.

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