Persian Pronouns

This is a list of pronouns in Persian. This includes subject, object, and the possessive. These are used on a daily basis, so don't skip this lesson. We start with the object pronouns such as "I, you, her ..."

I: من
You: تو
He: او (مرد)
ạw (mrd)
She: او (زن)
ạw (zn)
We: ما
You (pl.): شما
They: آنها

Here are samples to demonstrate how the object pronoun is used in a sentence.

I love you: من تو را دوست دارم
mn tw rạ dwst dạrm
She is beautiful: او زیباست
ạw zy̰bạst
We are happy: ما خوشحال هستیم
mạ kẖwsẖḥạl hsty̰m
They are dancing: آن‌ها دارند می‌رقصند
ận‌hạ dạrnd my̰‌rqṣnd

Now we look into the subject pronoun such as "me, him, us, them ...".

Me: من را
mn rạ
You: تو را
tw rạ
Him: او را (مرد)
ạw rạ (mrd)
Her: او را (زن)
ạw rạ (zn)
Us: ما را
mạ rạ
You (pl.): به شما
bh sẖmạ
Them: آنها را
ậnhạ rạ

These are examples to demonstrate how the subject pronoun is used in a sentence.

Give me your phone number: شماره تلفنت را به من بده
sẖmạrh tlfnt rạ bh mn bdh
I can give you my email: می‌توانم ایمیلم را به تو بدهم
my̰‌twạnm ạy̰my̰lm rạ bh tw bdhm
Tell him to call me: به او بگو به من زنگ بزند
bh ạw bgw bh mn zng bznd
Can you call us?: می توانی به ما زنگ بزنی؟
my̰ twạny̰ bh mạ zng bzny̰?

We reach now the possessive adjective part, used to refer to thing we possess. Examples: "my, our, their ...".

My: من (مالکیت)
mn (mạlḵy̰t)
Your: تو (مالکیت)
tw (mạlḵy̰t)
His: او (مالکیت) (مرد)
ạw (mạlḵy̰t) (mrd)
Her: او (مالکیت) (زن)
ạw (mạlḵy̰t) (zn)
Our: ما (مالکیت)
mạ (mạlḵy̰t)
Your (pl.): مال شما
mạl sẖmạ
Their: آنها (مالکیت)
ậnhạ (mạlḵy̰t)

Here are samples to demonstrate how the possessive adjective is used.

My phone number is . . .: شماره تلفن من ... است
sẖmạrh tlfn mn ... ạst
His email is . . .: ایمیل او ... است
ạy̰my̰l ạw ... ạst
Our dream is to visit Spain: رؤیای ما رفتن به اسپانیا است
rw̉y̰ạy̰ mạ rftn bh ạspạny̰ạ ạst
Their country is beautiful: کشور آن‌ها زیباست
ḵsẖwr ận‌hạ zy̰bạst

This is the possessive pronoun. Used as an alternative to the possessive adjectives above. Instead of saying "It is my dog" you can say "It is mine".

Mine: مال من
mạl mn
Yours: مال تو
mạl tw
His: مال او
mạl ạw
Hers: مال او
mạl ạw
Ours: مال ما
mạl mạ
Yours (pl.): مال شما
mạl sẖmạ
Theirs: مال آنها
mạl ậnhạ

These are some examples of the possessive pronoun in a sentence.

The book is mine: این کتاب مال من است
ạy̰n ḵtạb mạl mn ạst
Is this pen yours?: آیا این خودکار مال تو است؟
ậy̰ạ ạy̰n kẖwdḵạr mạl tw ạst?
The shoes are hers: کفش‌ها مال اوست
ḵfsẖ‌hạ mạl ạwst
Victory is ours: پیروزی از آن ماست
py̰rwzy̰ ạz ận mạst

This page contained a lot of useful information about the pronouns in Persian. This included the subject, object, and the possessive forms. Let's move on to the next subject below. Or choose your own topic from the menu above.

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