Irish Past

This is a list of verbs in the past tense in Irish. First let's start with the raw format before conjugating the verbs to the past form. Make sure to compare this table and the one below it.

To see: faic
To write: sgrìobh
To love: gràdhaich
To give: thoir
To play: cluich
To read: leugh
To understand: tuig
To have:
To know:
To learn: ionnsaich
To think: smaoin
To work: obraich
To speak: abair
To drive: dràibh
To smile:
To find: lorg

These samples show how the verbs above are conjugated in the past tense in a sentence which includes all the object pronouns (I, you, she...).

I saw you: Chunnaic mi thu.
I wrote with a pen: Sgrìobh mi le peann.
You loved apples: Bu toil leat ùbhlan.
You gave money: Thug thu airgead.
You played tennis: Chluich thu teanais.
He read (past) a book: Leugh e leabhar.
He understood me: Thuig e mi.
She had a cat: Bha cat aice.
She knew my friend: Bha i eòlach air a' charaid agam.
We wanted to learn: Dh'iarr sinn a dh'ionnsachadh.
We thought Spanish is easy: Smaoin sinn gu bheil Spàinntis furasta.
You (plural) worked here: Dh'obraich sibh an-seo.
You (plural) spoke French: Bha Fraingis agaibh.
They drove a car: Dhràibh iad càr.
They smiled: Rinn iad fiamh-ghàire.

After the past tense in Irish, make sure to check the other tenses (present, and future), which we hope you enjoyed. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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