Irish Plural

This page provides information about the plural in Irish. Below is a list of singular (one) and plural (many) words, listed side by side.

Woman: bean
Women: mnathan
Language: cànan
Languages: cànain
Man: fear
Men: fir
Country: dùthaich
Countries: dùthchannan
Boy: gille
Boys: gillean
Lake: loch
Lakes: lochan
Girl: caileag
Girls: caileagan
Pen: peann
Pens: peanntan

These examples show a sentence with both singular and plural forms. The list includes the use of nouns, numbers and pronouns.

I visited one country: Chuir mi turas do dùthaich.
She visited three countries: Chuir i turas do trì dùthchannan.
She has one sister: Tha piuthar aice.
He has two sisters: Tha dà phiuthar aige.
We speak two languages: Tha dà chànan againn.
They speak four languages: Tha ceithir cànain aca.

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