School in Irish

This is a list of school related words in Irish. To help you discuss topics in your classrom with other students. We focused on the main used ones.

Book: leabhar
Books: leabhraichean
Pen: peann
Dictionary: faclair
Library: leabharlann
Desk: deasg
Student: oileanach
Teacher: tìdsear
Chair: cathair
Paper: pàipear
Page: duilleag
Pencil: peannsail
Notebook: leabhar-nòtaichean
Question: cèist
Answer: freagairt
School: sgoil
University: oilthigh
To write: sgrìob
To read: leugh
To speak: bruidhinn
To listen: èist
To think: smaoin
To understand: tuig

These are a couple sentences you might need to use in a classroom.

I have a question: Tha cèist agam.
What's the name of that book?: Dè an t-ainm a tha air an leabhar sin?

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