Bosnian Pronouns

This is a list of pronouns in Bosnian. This includes subject, object, and the possessive. These are used on a daily basis, so don't skip this lesson. We start with the object pronouns such as "I, you, her ..."

I: ja
You: ti ( vi: as 2. person pl.)
He: on
She: ona
We: mi
You (pl.): vi
They: oni

Here are samples to demonstrate how the object pronoun is used in a sentence.

I love you: Ja te volim
She is beautiful: Ona je prekrasna
We are happy: Mi smo sretni
They are dancing: Oni plešu

Now we look into the subject pronoun such as "me, him, us, them ...".

Me: mene
You: tebe (+vas: as 2. person pl.)
Him: njega
Her: nju
Us: nas
You (pl.): vama
Them: njih

These are examples to demonstrate how the subject pronoun is used in a sentence.

Give me your phone number: Daj mi tvoj broj telefona
I can give you my email: Mogu ti dati svoj email
Tell him to call me: Reci mu da me nazove
Can you call us?: Možel li nas nazvati telefonom

We reach now the possessive adjective part, used to refer to thing we possess. Examples: "my, our, their ...".

My: moj
Your: tvoj
His: njegov
Her: njen
Our: naš
Your (pl.): vaš
Their: njihov

Here are samples to demonstrate how the possessive adjective is used.

My phone number is . . .: Broj mog telefona je
His email is . . .: Njegov email je
Our dream is to visit Spain: Naš san je da posjetimo Španiju
Their country is beautiful: Njihova zemlja je diva

This is the possessive pronoun. Used as an alternative to the possessive adjectives above. Instead of saying "It is my dog" you can say "It is mine".

Mine: moji
Yours: tvoji
His: njegovi
Hers: njeni
Ours: naši
Yours (pl.): vaši
Theirs: njihovi

These are some examples of the possessive pronoun in a sentence.

The book is mine: Knjiga je moja
Is this pen yours?: Je li ovo naliv-pero tvoje?
The shoes are hers: Cipele su njene
Victory is ours: Pobjeda je naša

This page contained a lot of useful information about the pronouns in Bosnian. This included the subject, object, and the possessive forms. Let's move on to the next subject below. Or choose your own topic from the menu above.

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