Bosnian Future

This is a list of verbs in the future tense in Bosnian. First let's start with the raw format before conjugating the verbs to the future form. Make sure to compare this table and the one below it.

To see: vidjeti
To write: pisati
To love: voljeti
To give: dati
To play: igrati se / svirati
To read: čitati
To understand: razumjeti
To have: imati
To know: znati
To learn: učiti
To think: misliti
To work: raditi
To speak: govoriti
To drive: voziti
To smile: smiješiti se
To find: naći

These samples show how the verbs above are conjugated in the future tense in a sentence which includes all the object pronouns (I, you, she...).

I will see you: Vidjet ću te
I will write with a pen: Pisat ću perom
You will love apples: Voljet ćeš jabuke
You will give money: Dat ćeš novac
You will play tennis: Igrat ćeš tenis
He will read a book: On će čitati knjigu
He will understand me: On će me razumjeti
She will have a cat: Ona će imati mačku
She will know you: Ona će te poznavati
We will want to see you: Mi ćemo te željeti vidjeti
We will think about you: Mislit ćemo na tebe
You (plural) will work here: Vi ćete raditi ovdje
You (plural) will speak French: Vi ćete govoriti francuski
They will drive a car: Oni će voziti auto
They will smile: Oni će se smiješiti

After the future tense in Bosnian, make sure to check the other tenses (future, and past), which we hope you enjoyed. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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