School in Haitian

This is a list of school related words in Haitian. To help you discuss topics in your classrom with other students. We focused on the main used ones.

Book: liv
Books: liv
Pen: plim
Dictionary: disyone
Library: librery
Desk: biwo
Student: etidyen
Teacher: pwofese
Chair: chez
Paper: papye
Page: paj
Pencil: kreyon
Notebook: kaye
Laptop: laptop
Question: kesyon
Answer: repons
School: lekol
University: univesite
To write: ekri
To read: li
To speak: pale
To listen: tande
To think: panse
To understand: konpran'n

These are a couple sentences you might need to use in a classroom.

I have a question: mwen gen yon kesyon
What's the name of that book?: ki non liv sa'a

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