Haitian Phrases

Here is a collection of the most popular phrases in Haitian. This includes common expressions used on a daily basis including in casual conversations.

Long time no see: sa fe lon tan'm pa we'w
I missed you: ou manke'm
What's new?: sak pase
Nothing new: anyen
Make yourself at home!: mete'w alez
Have a good trip: bon vwayaj
Do you speak English?: es ke ou pale engle
Just a little: on ti kal
What's your name?: ki gen ou rele
My name is (John Doe): mwen rele...
Mr.../ Mrs. .../ Miss...: Mr. / Mme. / Miss
Nice to meet you!: konten we'w
You're very kind!: ou s'on bon moun
Where are you from?: ki bo ou soti
I'm from the U.S: m'se moun le zeta zini
I'm American: mwen se yon ameriken
Where do you live?: kote ou viv
I live in the U.S: mwen viv au zeta zini
Do you like it here?: es ke ou renmen isit la
Who?: kies?
Where?: kote
How?: ki gen?
When?: ki le?
Why?: pou ki sa?
What?: kisa?
By train: en tren
By car: machin
By bus: en bis
By taxi: en taxi
By airplane: en avyon
Malta is a wonderful country: Malta se yon bon peyi
What do you do for a living?: ki travay ou fe
I'm a (teacher/ artist/ engineer): mwen se yon pwofese / atis / enjenye
I like Maltese: mwen renmen (U / I)
I'm trying to learn Maltese: map eseye apran (U / I)
Oh! That's good!: O, men wi
Can I practice with you: eske m'met pratike ave'w
How old are you?: ki laj ou
I'm (twenty, thirty...) Years old: m'gen...
Are you married?: eske ou marye
Do you have children?: es ke ou gen ti moun
I have to go: fom ale
I will be right back!: map tounen kounye'a
This: sa'a
That: sa'a
Here: la'a
There: lotbo'a
It was nice meeting you: se yon plezi pou mwen te renkontre'w
Take this! (when giving something): pran sa'a
Do you like it?: es ke ou renmen'l
I really like it!: mwen renmen'l umpil
I'm just kidding: blag map fe
I'm hungry: m'grangou
I'm thirsty: m'swaf
In The Morning: nan maten
In the evening: aswe
At Night: na nwit
Really!: tout bon
Look!: gade
Hurry up!: fe vit
What?: kisa?
Where?: kote?
What time is it?: ki le l'ye?
It's 10 o'clock: li diz er
Give me this!: bam sa'a
I love you: mwen renmen'w
Are you free tomorrow evening?: eske ou lib demen swa?
I would like to invite you for dinner: Mwen ta renmen envite'w al manje
Are you married?: eske ou marye
I'm single: mwen pa marye
Would you marry me?: es ke ou vle marye ave'm
Can I have your phone number?: eske ou ka bam mwen nimero telefon ou
Can I have your email?: eske ou ka bam adres email ou
You look beautiful! (to a woman): Ou se yon bel fi
You have a beautiful name: nom ou bel
This is my wife: sa se madam mwen
This is my husband: sa se mari'm
I enjoyed myself very much: mwen amuze'm umpil
I agree with you: m'dako ave'w
Are you sure?: es ke ou si?
Be careful!: atensyon
Cheers!: Sante!
Would you like to go for a walk?: es ke ou ta renmen fe yon promnad
Holiday Wishes: N / A
Good luck!: bonn chans
Happy birthday!: bonn fet
Happy new year!: bonn ane
Merry Christmas!: jwaye noel
Congratulations!: felisitasyon
Enjoy! (before eating): bonn apeti
Bless you (when sneezing): ke dye te gad
Best wishes!: meye ve
Transportation: transpotasyon
It's freezing: Li fret umpil
It's cold: li fret
It's hot: li cho
So so: kom si kom sa

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