Farsi Greetings

This is a list of greetings in Farsi. Helpful when trying to check how others are doing or feeling during different times of the day.

Hi!: درود
Good morning!: صبح بخير
ṣbḥ bkẖyr
Good afternoon!: ظهر بخير
ẓhr bkẖyr
Good evening!: عصر بخير
ʿṣr bkẖyr
Welcome!: !خوش آمديد
!kẖwsẖ ậmdyd
How are you? (friendly): چطوری؟
How are you? (polite): حال شما چطور است؟
ḥạl sẖmạ cẖṭwr ạst?
What's up? (colloquial) : چه می گذرد؟
cẖh my̰ gdẖrd?
I'm fine, thank you!: خوبم! ممنون!
kẖwbm! mmnwn!
And you? (friendly): تو چطور؟
tw cẖṭwr?
And you? (polite): شما چطور؟
sẖmạ cẖṭwr?
Good: خوب
Bad: بد
Happy: خوشحال
Sad: ناراحت
Thank you!: تشکر / ممنون
tsẖḵr / mmnwn
Thank you very much!: !بسیار متشکرم
!bsy̰ạr mtsẖḵrm
You're welcome!: خواهش ميکنم
kẖwạhsẖ myḵnm
Have a nice day!: روز خوشی داشته باشيد
rwz kẖwsẖy̰ dạsẖth bạsẖyd
Good night!: شب بخير
sẖb bkẖyr
See you later!: به امید دیدار!
bh ạmy̰d dy̰dạr!
Have a good trip!: سفر خوشی داشته باشيد
sfr kẖwsẖy̰ dạsẖth bạsẖyd
It was nice talking to you!: از حرف زدن با شما خوشحال شدم
ạz ḥrf zdn bạ sẖmạ kẖwsẖḥạl sẖdm

The above greetings in Farsi are essential to daily conversations. You are very likely to use at least one of them in any given day. Check out the next topic below or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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