Catalan Negation

This is a lesson about negation in Catalan. This includes words or expressions used to form a negative form as opposted to the affirmative. For example "I don't understand".

No: no
Nothing: res
Not yet: encara no
No one: ningú
No longer: Ja no
Never: mai
Cannot: no pot
Should not: no hauria de

The below examples demonstrate how to use the negation form in a sentence. Don't be shy to use of these expressions if you don't know something.

We don't understand: No entenem
I do not speak Japanese: No parlo japonès.
I cannot remember the word: No me'n recordo de la paraula.
You should not forget this word: No hauries d'oblidar aquesta paraula.
No problem!: Cap problema!
I don't know!: No ho sé!
I'm not interested!: No m'interessa!
Don't worry!: No t'amoïnis!
This is wrong: Això està equivocat.
This is not correct: Això no és correcte!
No one here speaks Greek: Ningú aquí no parla grec.
I'm not fluent in Italian yet: No parlo l'italià amb fluïdesa.

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